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I am getting very frustrated. Every time I try to place a to go order I get Dunkin donuts stopped working There must be a way to place my order or they better fix their site from the app.

I'm getting really frustrated with the app. I have deleted it and redownloaded it to try and make it work, but it won't!!! Every time I try to add an item to the cart, it says "unable to add item to cart", NO MATTER WHAT ITEM IT IS!! Seeing all of these bad reviews, I think I just might find some other coffee shop to buy coffee at.

Dunkin Upgraded their app and wiped my account profile from my phone - I can see my balance online, but there is no way to log into the app to recover my balance and rewards - dirty trick or just plain bad programming? Either way - if it is not fixed soon, I think this is a pretty good case for a class action lawsuit. Figure it out.

I am also locked out of my app! It is telling me that my email address or password are incorrect, yet I can use them to log in online. I really wanted my "Ravens won" free coffee today! I tried deleting and reloading the app, but it still won't let me in. So disappointed!

Perks week reload for $10 get &15, didn't work only got $10.. Then purchased 2 coffee and sandwhich, didn't get any points was told by cashier the store was offline.. What is going on?????

New to the app. First couple times I tried to use it nothing I wanted was in the app. I go to my local DD the items I want are in the rack. Why bother with app if you can't program it properly. What a worthless app. Now I will be in a battle to get my funds back. BBB here I come!

Haven't been able to log in since the upgrade. Have changed my password 3 times. Works online, but not on app.

HORRIBLE! Wish I would not have upgraded. Very frustrating! Can't log into the app on 2 mobile devices so both me and my husband do not have access to this. At least the old app did that. Hope this is fixed soon. This was one of the reasons I liked DD, neither of us had to carry money with us.

I took a screen shot of the QR code and sent it to my husband. That way we can both use the card. Won't help with online ordering, but at least we both don't have to keep the cash on hand

works about half the time.... right now i am trying to order 4 coffees for the crew at work and it keeps reading "unable to submit order at this time- please try again" well .. quick check is right down the road and 4 X-large coffees will literally be half of what DD is charging... technology is great !! WHEN IT WORKS

Getting ready to be a Starbucks customer due to this new app! It won't let me load it! I have lost money on points and Patriots coffee due to the fact that I can't use my card. Something better change fast!

Good app but the FAQs don't include how to delete OTG Favorites. Anybody figure this out?

Agree with _everyone_! A real downgrade from the old app. Starbucks has kept up in the app department. I hope DD can find actual developers to work on theirs. This stuff is all a little new, so I try to tolerate these disastrous releases, but it does strain one's loyalty. These apps are for people who are in a hurry and they need to work.

Infuriating that the old app was always up and running as I approach the drive-thru window and the new one almost NEVER is. I can use it through the Wallet app on my iPhone but cannot see special offers or rewards. Fix this soon. You are seriously eroding my loyalty and making me feel like a "Dunce" for going to "Dunks."

Extremely frustrated with the new App. It logs me out almost always and then I have to pay in some other way as to not hold up the line. I am originally from Massachusetts and have been drinking DD''s for over 40 years. Please get this app fixed.

So many things wrong...

1) I should be able to pull up receipts from orders placed and not received by store. Today marks the third time Ive had to order twice, pay twice for one order...unacceptable. 2) I should be able to order my coffee exactly as I like it. If I want half decaf and half regular, I should be able to modify it that way. Lets get to work on fixing these issues and refunding me my monies lost due to idiocy

Where are the old cards from my original app?

My old cards did not transfer over to new app. Have I lost this money???? Cant get into old app to get card numbers to add to new app. Anyone else with this issue?


This app has given me problems since the moment I downloaded it. Perks show up on my boyfriends app, but wont show up on mine. Also wont accept my credit card information in order for me to load my card. Im deleting this app for the final time.


Tried to use my $16 balance on my app and it made me download a new app. I tossed my old card after loading onto my phone. Now Im out the $16 because the new app doesnt carry forward the balance? Dunkins better buck up or lose customers !!! Terrible!

Awful awful awful

This new version is terrible - Bring back prior app! Fire whomever approved this launch -

Not to sure if Ill use it again

The whole idea of having this idea is to drive up and pickup your order. In my both experiences Ive had to wait for the order to be made.

Help me quit

This app is so terrible when compared to the old one that it helped me make the decision to quit going to Dunkin Donuts every day and just buy a coffee maker from my office.

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